Why use NRG?

NRG is an autonomous system allowing users to provide and rent energy on Tron.

70% of each sale goes to providers, while 5% in the future will go into a community fund. Once the fund grows, Tron projects can then submit a funding proposal, which NRG providers can vote for in a part decentralized way.

The NRG sales system is phase one which has been rolled out. The community DAO will be launched by the end of Q4 2024.

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Earn TRX by becoming a provider

Secure, autonomous

Every provider and sale benefits the Tron eco-system

Grow your fund!

Energy providers

Sharing your energy will allow you to grow your fund while generating revenue in a self-sustainable model designed to support the growth of the Tron ecosystem.

What providers get


of energy sale


Goes to the community fund


NRG Token

Stable & Governance

NRG is a stable coin exchangeable for TRX 1:1, giving providers votes within the DAO and community project proposals. NRG allows providers to earn from their energy sales. NRG requires a three-day unlocking period ensuring that open orders are able to complete while marinating system stability.

Here’s how it works

It’s Simple

Swap TRX for NRG then enjoy 70% of the revenue.


Provide and receive NRG

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NRG providers receive 70%

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