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At TronNRG, we are on a mission to become the global leader in Tron blockchain discount transaction infrastructure, delivering unparalleled cost savings and efficiency for users and businesses. Our platform empowers companies to maximize their potential by leveraging NRG's innovative energy rental system, designed to save on transaction fees while generating revenue.


Why Partner with NRG?

By partnering with TronNRG, your business gains access to our cutting-edge energy rental platform, providing exceptional benefits for both you and your users. Our unique system allows users to rent Tron energy, avoiding the need to burn TRX and significantly reducing transaction fees. Companies can integrate our platform into their existing systems with a few lines of code, opening up new revenue streams and enhancing user experiences with cost-effective transactions.

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Consider a user making a single USDT TRC20 transaction that requires 100,000 energy units. By renting energy through NRG only the amount required at the time of transaction, the cost would be 12 TRX. In contrast, burning TRX for the same amount of energy would cost 42 TRX. This represents a substantial 71.43% cost saving for the user when renting energy. Our platform's unique rental feature allows seamless integration into your system for single transactions, enhancing cost efficiency for your users.


Integrating TronNRG: A SocialSwap Case Study is a state-of-the-art decentralized exchange (DEX) operating on the Tron blockchain, providing a wide range of services, including the first-ever aggregator on the Tron network, staking, liquidity mining, and a dedicated SST token with a total supply of 1 billion. SocialSwap places a strong emphasis on community engagement, organizing global physical events and holding regular update calls with co-creators and community members.

In this case study, we will explore how SocialSwap has set ambitious goals and the strategic steps they are implementing to achieve them. SocialSwap aims to reach a total locked value (TLV) of $100 million, grow its user base to 100,000 members, and increase the SST token value to $1.

We will delve into how the platform is optimizing its internal workflows and how TronNRG can support their vision and accelerate their progress towards these goals.


SocialSwap recently launched a new product, a decentralized lottery system where users can purchase tickets. However, upon launch, users experienced transaction fees that exceeded the ticket prices. The cost of a ticket is 65 TRX, while the transaction fees were around 84 TRX – each contract call required approximately 200,000 Tron energy units.

This high transaction fee was not an ideal experience for users wanting to participate in the lottery, increasing the overall cost for users and potentially reducing uptake and sales.


By integrating TronNRG, businesses like SocialSwap gain access to a cutting-edge energy rental platform that provides exceptional benefits for both the platform and its users. TronNRG's unique system enables users to rent Tron energy for a single transaction, avoiding the need to burn TRX and significantly reducing transaction fees. Companies can integrate this platform into their existing systems with just a few lines of code, opening up new revenue streams and enhancing user experiences with cost-effective transactions.

SocialSwap decided to fully integrate TronNRG, achieving this with minimal effort due to the prewritten methods and detailed instructions provided in TronNRG's support sections. SocialSwap developers described the documentation as "The best they have seen on Tron" with everything they needed readily available.

Using TronNRG, SocialSwap first checked if the user had sufficient energy for the transaction. If not, they would offer the user to call the TronNRG smart contract to allocate the required energy to cover the single transaction for the user.


After the seamless integration, SocialSwap was able to provide its users with a smoother customer journey while saving them 76% on transaction costs, reducing it from 84 TRX to just 20 TRX. This simple integration allowed SocialSwap to not only support its users but also increase sales for its latest product.

The integration of TronNRG's innovative energy rental platform into SocialSwap's system demonstrates the potential benefits that blockchain-based businesses can achieve by adopting such solutions. With TronNRG, SocialSwap was able to enhance its users' experience, significantly reduce transaction fees, and increase sales for its new product. This case study serves as a powerful example of how embracing TronNRG's technology can lead to tangible benefits and help businesses like SocialSwap grow and thrive in the competitive blockchain ecosystem.


Hackathon Winners

NRG's dedication to excellence has been recognized through our achievements in the Tron Grand Hackathon, where we emerged as Season One GameFi track winners and placed in Season Two. Our success has enabled us to expand our services and contribute to the thriving Tron ecosystem. Our platform has gained the trust of our users, with a total value locked (TVL) of $340k, reflecting the confidence they have in our innovative and secure energy rental system.

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