What is NRG & community DAO?

Where the sharing economy meets Blockchain

Tron NRG is a decentralized energy rental service that allows users to save on Tron transaction fees by renting energy! Users who provide energy benefit from receiving 70% of the rental fee while providing a low-cost service. Furthermore, from the end of Q2 2023 10% of all rental fees are sent to the community DAO, allowing providers to vote on funding for Tron project proposals. The sharing economy meets perpetual crowdfunding on the Tron blockchain.

Sustainable reinvestment

Tron NRG comprises two main components. Energy rental service matching providers with renters, allowing users to make a profit from their holdings. 10% of all sales will be sent to the community DAO (Once phase two has been completed Q4 2023), where providers have the right to vote on project proposals submitted by the Tron community—creating a long term sustainable growth model for projects starting on the Tron blockchain. Funding can be the most challenging part of any small start-up. By using Tron NRG service, you are supporting the growth of the network.


Road map

The start of our journey

We have been able to finish phase one, which is the part decentralized energy sales system that allows providers to earn 70% of rental fees. Phase two will be the release of the DAO, upon release any 10% of sales will be sent to the community DAO. Providers of energy will then be able to vote for proposals for funding put forward by the Tron community.